Smart home devices that do not have a camera

Smart home technology has become prominent over the last decade. Many people have added these devices into their daily lives. One of the main reasons we have heard why someone doesn’t want smart devices is because they don’t want “Big Brother” watching. But the truth is that smart home doesn’t only mean cameras and video doorbells. In fact, there are so many devices that do not have a camera at all. So today we want to introduce you to just a few of these smart home devices that do not have a camera.

A lighting system

A smart lighting system allows the lights inside and outside your home to be controlled by a wall switch or keypad, tabletop remote, a smart device, or set on a schedule. You can set lighting scenes for any occasion, have your landscape lights turn on and off with sunset and sunrise, and turn on “smart away” while you are on vacation so your house isn’t dark all week.

Automated shades

Automated shades are either battery-powered or hard-wired and are controlled by a remote, from an app on your smart device, or set on a schedule via a time clock function. They are convenient but they also provide a wide variety of benefits including temperature & light management, energy savings, and visual appeal. They are low maintenance, kid & pet friendly, and simple to operate.

Smoke/co detectors

Have you ever thought there should be a smoke detector that can tell if there is actually a fire or if you simply burnt the toast? Well, it has arrived! These alarms talk to you before a loud alarm sounds. It will tell you if it was smoke or carbon monoxide and in which room it was detected. If you happen to just burn the pizza and know there isn’t a problem, you can silence the alert via your phone. This means no more turning on fans or waving a dish towel around frantically to clear the smoke! Plus, these alarms automatically and silently test their batteries daily and will alert you when they need to be changed.

Keyless lock

This is perfect for homes and businesses! A smart lock is a keyless lock that can be operated via a code on the lock itself or it can be opened/locked by an app on your smart device. You no longer have to worry about keys. You can give each family member or employee their own unique code (which can be changed or deactivated at any time) and you can always ensure your home or business is locked.

These are only a few of the many smart devices that add convenience and security all without any cameras!

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