EverLights: Permanent Outdoor Lights for any Holiday or Occasion

Does the thought of never hanging outdoor Christmas lights again sound good to you? EverLights are permanent lights that are beautiful, customizable, and durable. Not only are they Christmas lights but they can be set to any color meaning you can customize them for Halloween, 4th of July, Packer season, or simply have them on white to light up your home and yard with a beautiful and clean look year-round.

How are they controlled?

They are controlled via an easy-to-use app on your smart device. You can set schedules and timers or turn them on and off manually via the app. There are pre-set colors and patterns to make turning them on quick and simple.

How customizable are they?

Each light can be individually controlled and you can choose from almost any color on the spectrum. They are also dimmable. This means that you can create almost any look or color scheme you can dream up.

How long do they last?

EverLights are rated for 50k hours of lighting! Which is equivalent to leaving them on 24/7 – seven years straight. They are truly built to last!

How do I get these installed at my home or business?

In The Lite Electric flew all the way to Utah (EverLights headquarters) for their intensive classroom and hands- on training to become a certified dealer. Give us a call today and we will get you your free estimate. After that we handle everything from ordering the materials, to installation, and showing you how to operate them. The process is easy and simple!

If you’d like to schedule your free estimate, call 715-432-1227 or email info@inthelitellc.com.

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