We have created some resources including how-to and informational videos to answer some of the recurring questions we get from our clients. Please check out the topics below.

These videos are intended as a guide but we never advise doing anything that you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with. Only a licensed electrician should remove your panel cover or touch the wiring in your home or business. If you need assistance with an electrical issue, please call 715-539-3220.

Smoke Detectors

It’s a fact that smoke alarms save lives. But only if they are working properly. Watch this video to have Dan show you how to change the batteries, test your units, locate the manufacturing date and more. This is so important to ensure the safety of you and your family and therefore it is crucial that you know how to do basic maintenance on your smoke alarms.

GFCI Outlets

GFI (also called GFCI) outlets are required in many areas of your home including the kitchen and bathroom where water is present. You know the outlet is a GFI because it will have a test and reset button on it. If you plug something into a GFI outlet and it isn’t working, it could simply be that it has tripped. Please watch the video below to see how to reset your outlet.

 Circuit Breakers

If you have multiple outlets or lights that aren’t working, it could be that a breaker has tripped. Watch the video below to see how to check if any circuit breakers in your panel have tripped and how to reset them if they have.

 Lights & Bulbs

Do you have a lamp or ceiling light that isn’t working? Here are a couple of easy things you can check before giving us a call! These may seem simple but there have been times when we have went to a customer’s home and it was one of these quick fixes.

 Electrical Hazards

If you are hearing a noise come out of your electrical panel or if you see any kind of spark, this is a reason to call us immediately as this is a potential fire hazard. Please watch this video to know what warning signs could be present in your electrical panel.

If these videos didn’t answer your questions or if you are still having an electrical issue, please call 715-539-3220.