Automated Lighting

What is automated lighting?

Automated lighting allows the lights in your home or business to be controlled via an app on your smart device whether you are at work or on vacation halfway around the world. They can also be controlled from a keypad or remote in your home, set on a schedule via a time clock feature, or voice-controlled with your Alexa or Google assistant. To learn more about a whole-home automated lighting system and all of its features, please check out our blog post Smart Home Spotlight: Lighting.

This Lutron keypad can replace 6 individual switches or be used to create “scenes” where multiple lights turn on/off with one button.

Where can I put automated lighting?

You can choose to automate every light in your home or business or you can choose one room or even one light. One of the greatest features of automated lighting is that it is completely customizable and can be tailored for each individual person, home, or business. Also, you can install this in both new construction and retrofit applications.

The lights & shades in this kitchen are controlled via the keypad next to the door.
For a more modern aesthetic, chose the dimming Grafik T switch.
Control your lights from the comfort of your bed.

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