Smart Home Spotlight: Lighting

Smart home systems have been increasing in popularity over the last several years. There are now so many different products you can get that it may seem a bit overwhelming. Here we will focus on what a smart home lighting system is and what it can mean for your home.

What is a smart home lighting system?

A smart home lighting system allows you to control the lights in your home via an app on your smart device, a keypad in your home, set them to a time clock function or control them with your voice.

What are the main features?

There are so many amazing features that smart home lighting systems offer. You can turn on and off multiple lights with one button. For example, you can have a “welcome” button by your front door and when you hit it you can light up a path into your kitchen so you can unload your groceries. Or you can have an “all off” button where if you hit it you know that every light in your house is off. You can also control your lights with voice commands via Alexa or Google assistant. In addition, there are security features, geofencing, the ability to turn lights on and off from your car, schedule your lights to randomly mimic someone being home when you are away, and the ability to check on your home anytime from anywhere.

Is it complicated to use?

New technology of any kind is often viewed as complicated because it is unfamiliar. However, the truth is that smart home technology is intended to make your life simpler not more complicated. Once installed and programmed, smart home lighting systems are usually simple to operate. The complex part of these systems usually comes in the installation or programming but that is done by a professional so you can bypass the setup altogether.

Isn’t this considered a “luxury” item for expensive houses only?

Absolutely not! Smart home technology has become more and more accessible to the point where most people already have access to it via their smart phones. While smart home lighting systems do provide convenience, they also have so many practical applications that assist with day to day life.

Can I get this installed in my existing home?

Yes! One of the great things about a smart home lighting system is it can be installed in new construction or retrofit for existing homes.

Do I have to have it installed in my entire home?

No. This system is completely customizable and expandable. This means that you can choose to start with a few lights or rooms and expand whenever you want. And since the lighting systems are completely customizable, your system can be tailored to fit your family and lifestyle.

*These are just a few of the many features that a smart home lighting system can offer you. But the best way to really get a feel for something is to see it in person, so contact 715-539-3220 or visit for more details.

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