Welcome to National Electrical Safety Month!

May is National Electrical Safety Month. Each year we launch a public safety campaign to help spread the word and educate the community about how they can both resolve existing electrical issues and keep them from arising in their home and business.


The 2023 theme for National Electrical Safety Month is “Electrification: E-Mobility.” The focus is on how the rapid advancements made to emerging technology, most notably electric vehicles, require further electrification and safe, efficient devices that can support this increased energy demand.


The 2022 National Electrical Safety Month theme is “Energy Resilience. .This year looks at how emerging technology, such as photovoltaics, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems, can provide energy resilience to homes and businesses.


The 2021 National Electrical Safety Month theme was “Connected to Safety” and focused on making your home safe and efficient.


In 2020, we did an entirely virtual campaign where we posted a video each weekday in the month of May. All of those videos can be found below!

Friday, May 1st: Introduction to NESM

Week One: The Basics

Monday, May 4th: GFCI Outlets

 Tuesday, May 5th: Tamper Resistant Outlets

Wednesday, May 6th: Light Switches

Thursday, May 7th: Remodeling

Friday, May 8th: Electrical Panel

Week Two: Kids Week

Monday, May 11th: Smoke Alarms & Fire Safety (Meet P.I. Plug)

Click below to download the activity sheet:

Smoke Alarms & A Fire Escape Plan – Monday, May 11th

Tuesday, May 12th: Important Historical Figures

Wednesday, May 13th: P.I. Plug Investigates

Click below to download the activity sheets:

Kid’s Activity Sheet #1 – Wednesday, May 13th

Kid’s Activity Sheet #2 – Wednesday, May 13th

Kid’s Activity Sheet #3 – Wednesday, May 13th

Thursday, May 14th: P.I. Plug Compares 2 Homes

Click below to download the activity sheet:

Investigate with P.I. Plug – Thursday, May 14th

Friday, May 15th: Safety Badge

Click below to download the activity sheet:

Make A Safety Badge – Friday, May 15th

Week Three: Specialty Items

Monday, May 18th: Surge Protection Devices

Tuesday, May 19th: Seasonal & DIY Safety

Wednesday, May 20th: Generators

Thursday, May 21st: Is your older home up to code?

Friday, May 22nd: Pet Day!

Week Four: Smart Home

Monday, May 25th: Smart Smoke Detectors

Tuesday, May 26th: Smart Electrical Panels

Wednesday, May 27th: Smart Lighting System

Thursday, May 28th: Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Friday, May 29th: Wrap-Up and Thank You!

Bonus Video: Bloopers!!

Thank you so much for supporting our virtual safety campaign! If you have any questions or concerns about the electrical in your home or business, please call 715-539-3220 or email

How can we make your day brighter (and safer)?!?