Automated Security

Security Cameras

What type of security camera are you looking for? We have both indoor and outdoor cameras available for residential or commercial applications. Whether you are looking for an individual camera or an entire system, we can make sure your home or business is secure.

You can learn more information on the specific features of these cameras by reading our blog post Smart Home Spotlight: Security Cameras.

Smart Lock

This smart lock is installed on your door and allows the door to be opened with a code or via your smart device. For details on how this can make your home or business more secure, you can read our blog post Smart Home Spotlight: Smart Lock.

Keyless Lock

Video Doorbell

A video doorbell allows you to see when visitors arrive, packages are delivered, or anyone comes onto your property. You can also answer your doorbell no matter where in the world you are via your smart device. Therefore, the person ringing the doorbell doesn’t know if you are home or not. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a video doorbell, check out our blog post Smart Home Spotlight: Video Doorbell.

Video Doorbell


A smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home via your smart device. While you may not think of this as falling under the security category, this does watch over your home, business, or property. If the temperature in your home falls below or goes above a certain number, you will be alerted. This allows you to have peace of mind whether you are away on vacation or at work for the day. There is also an eco mode to help you save energy and money. You can learn more about this smart thermostat by reading our blog post Smart Home Spotlight: Thermostats.

Learning Thermostat

Smoke & CO Detectors

Smart smoke detectors function in much the same way as any traditional smoke alarm, however, they can also be viewed and controlled via your smart device. This allows you to check the batteries and test the alarms via the app so you never have to worry about checking the alarms themselves. In addition, if the alarms detect smoke or carbon monoxide you will also be alerted via your phone so if you are at work or on vacation, you will know if there is a problem at home. For more details on the specific features of smart smoke detectors, watch the video below or read our blog post Smart Home Spotlight: Smoke Detectors.

Electrical Panels

You may have never considered a smart electrical panel or even realized they were a thing! Smart electrical panels are available for residential and commercial applications. They can watch over your home in a very unique way including letting you know when a breaker has tripped and how much energy each part of your home is using. Watch the video to see some of the benefits they can provide and why you should consider adding one.

Wi-Fi Network and Internet

Are you looking to expand your Wi-Fi coverage? We have solutions to make your internet fast and reliable. And don’t worry if you live somewhere where access to high speed internet is difficult, we have solutions for that too!

The Connected Home

One of the great things about home automation is that you can choose to only have one or two devices or you can choose to have everything. And the more products you add the more they can work together to give you the connected home. Here is just one example.

You are at work and you get a notification on your phone that the smoke detector in your kitchen has detected smoke. You pull up your camera and see that there is in fact a fire. While you were checking on that, your thermostat has already shut down your furnace because smoke was detected. You call 911 and tell them exactly where the fire is and that you have already unlocked the front door for them so they have quick and easy access. The camera on the doorbell alerts you to their arrival. In this case, without the smart home devices, it is likely that a neighbor or passerby would have eventually called 911 once they saw the fire but it is also likely that the damage by that time would have been much more severe.

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