Smart Home Spotlight: Smart Lock

If you are interested in adding smart home technology to your home, then odds are you are looking for convenience, efficiency and security. A smart lock provides all three and it just happens to be one of our favorite smart home devices. Whether you’ve considered adding a smart lock to your home or business or you’ve never heard of it, check out the details below and see what it can offer you!

What is a smart lock?

A smart lock is a keyless lock that can be operated via a code on the lock itself or it can be opened/locked via an app on your smart device.

Okay but is that practical?

There are so many practical applications and benefits! Here are a few examples:

  • You no longer have to worry about keys! No more making extra keys, worrying about losing them or hiding a spare key.
  • Each person can have their own unique access code (up to 20). This allows you to know when each family member arrives/leaves home or when each employee arrives/leaves work. Have a teenager who rides the bus home after school? You can know when they get home. Do you have a family member feed your cats while you’re on vacation? You can see when they arrive/leave so you know your kitty has been fed. Maybe you have the electrician coming over to do some work when you aren’t home. You can track when they arrive/leave.
  • But maybe you don’t want to give out your access codes (although they can be changed whenever you’d like). Have your family member text you when they arrive and you can unlock the door via your smart device. Or have the electrician call when they are on site and you can let them in.
  • Maybe you get to work, or out to dinner or are on vacation and don’t remember if you locked the door. No worries you can check it and lock the door if it isn’t from anywhere in the world.

Will it work on any door?

No. The specific lock that we work with requires a deadbolt. However, we have found it is possible to add a deadbolt to some doors and have had clients do that so they could add this lock (if you aren’t building or planning on getting a brand-new door).

Is this a good idea for my business as well as my home?

Definitely! We have one at the office. Each employee can have their own unique code so you can track when they arrive/leave. Plus, if you have packages delivered frequently you can make sure they are always safe inside. You can ensure that your business in locked after hours and always change the codes if an employee leaves (no need to get keys back or change locks).

If you’d like more information, contact Brittney at or click here. As always, we hope we’ve made your day brighter!

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