Smart Home Spotlight: Video Doorbell

Halloween is national doorbell day (yes there really is a day for everything) but it makes sense when you think about all the kids ringing your doorbell and saying trick or treat! So we thought we would talk this month about all the features of a video doorbell.


One of the greatest features of a video doorbell is the security it provides. It is essentially both an actual doorbell (press the button to hear the chime) and a security camera. This keeps an eye on your home, your packages and allows you to view your camera from anywhere in the world. So whether you are on vacation or at work, you can check on your home, watch your packages be delivered and be alerted when it detects a person or motion.


The doorbell streams HD video, has night vision, 24/7 streaming and 160° field of view. The doorbell records video continuously and automatically stores snapshots of the last 3 hours (or longer if you add a subscription).

Special Features

Your doorbell can tell the difference between a person, motion and sound (like breaking glass) and will notify you accordingly. Plus, you can set up special alerts for when a package is delivered or when your doorbell detects a familiar face. You can both talk and hear through your doorbell no matter where you are and if you are somewhere where you can’t talk, you can always “talk” with a pre-recorded message.

Subscription Benefits

Some of the above features are only available with a Nest Aware subscription. The good news is that all the main features of this video doorbell will work just fine without a subscription of any kind. But if you’d like access to some of the more advanced features and to have your footage store for a longer period of time (up to 30 days) then you would need to purchase the Nest Aware subscription. However, if you have more than one camera (i.e. video doorbell, outdoor or indoor camera), you only need one subscription.

Social Distancing

This year some people may not feel comfortable opening the door to trick or treaters but you can always set out candy and watch to make sure no one takes the whole bowl! It can be a way to still talk to and interact with trick or treaters in a safe way…or maybe it can be used to play a trick…for a limited time your doorbell can play Halloween sounds. Happy national doorbell day or Happy Halloween!

If you have any questions or comments, contact Sasha at As always, we hope we’ve made your day brighter!

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