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This month we wanted to give you a “virtual tour” of our office. One of the reasons we built our office the way we did, was to be able to showcase to clients what lighting looks like already installed. It is one thing to talk about lighting but it is another to actually see it. Oftentimes, we find that clients know exactly what they want…once they see it in person. But with social distancing, we wanted to give you the option to tour it virtually instead!

Exterior lighting

There are a lot of ways to light up the exterior of your home. Carriage lights are great (we have some at the office) but not all encompassing. For exterior lighting, we have colored ribbon lighting in the peaks, 2 sizes of can lights on and near the front porch and walkway, carriage lights along the garage and landscape lights on the ground. They all work together and complement one another but they each serve a certain purpose. For example, the landscape lights highlight the flowers, landscaping and our In The Lite sign while the can lights light up our walkway for guests and the ribbon lights add a colorful flair for holidays and parties.

Undercabinet lighting

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to lighting, is that they light up the floor but not the work areas (i.e. in a kitchen when they have lights that shine on the floor but nothing that shines on the countertop). In our office, we wanted to make sure our desks have their own light source. LED ribbon lighting shines onto all of our desks giving us the perfect amount of light while we work. Sometimes, we don’t even turn on the overhead can lights!

Pendants & chandeliers

With the popularity of recessed can lights, pendants and chandeliers can be a great way to add some personality into a room. We love these functional and pretty options! The pendants highlight the front desk, kitchen areas and the bathroom vanity while the chandelier greets clients as they enter.

It’s all about the accents

What do you want to draw attention to? We highlight certain areas of our office with lighting. We have GMR6’s, which are directional LED downlights, installed above our desks and they highlight certain things on the wall like artwork or even a guitar (shown below). LED ribbon runs inside the bookshelves next to the fireplace and highlight the shelves but also provide a great accent. In addition, we have lighting that specifically highlights our quote boards.

Let’s get colorful

This colored LED ribbon lighting is for sure the most fun lighting element in our office! We have it installed both inside and outside. These built in Christmas lights (or any other holiday) are great for parties, holidays or turn the white color on for another amazing everyday lighting option.

Smart home technology

All of the lighting in our office is smart. It is all controllable via an app or keypads located throughout the office. When we come into work in the morning, we hit one button and all the lights that we predetermined come on to their specified level and when we leave one button turns everything off. The exterior lights are set on a timer that corresponds with sunrise and sunset and all lighting is tied in with our security system.

In addition, all lighting in our office is dimmable…all of it! We think it is very important to have lighting that is multifunctional and the best way to achieve that is to allow a single light to work for multiple occasions. It is also important to note that all lighting in our office, except for one fixture, it LED. LED lighting has come a long way and you have the option to get LED lighting in warmer colors if you prefer that look. Thanks for touring our office! We hope to see you in person someday soon.

If you have any questions or comments, contact Sasha at sasha@inthelitellc.com. As always, we hope we’ve made your day brighter!

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