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Lighting is an essential part of any space. From both a design and practical standpoint, lighting really can make or break a room. It is unlikely that you will completely replace a light fixture or add lighting with any regularity therefore the ideal solution is to make your current lighting as versatile as possible. The two simplest ways to do this are to layer your lighting and make it dimmable. Here we focus on dimmable lighting and a few reasons why you should have it in your home.

It is versatile and practical

Dimming isn’t just about setting the ambiance. It allows your lighting to do more for you. Are you cleaning or cooking dinner? Have all the lights on to 100%. Are you having a dinner party? Dim the overhead lighting to 50% and the accent lighting to 75% for a softer look. Do you have young children? Turn the lights in their bedrooms on to 10% for nighttime feedings or check-ins. Or leave a hallway light on to 25% during the night so if someone wakes up you aren’t looking for the light switch in the dark or tripping over things on your way to the kitchen or bathroom. Dimmable lights have many daily, practical applications.

It is efficient

When you think of ways to save energy and therefore money, you may think of turning lights off completely in rooms you aren’t in. However, dimmable lighting provides the option to save energy even when your lights are on. “Many homeowners overlook a key energy-saving opportunity – lighting. It accounts for almost 20% of the average homeowner’s monthly electric bill. Every time you dim the lights you save energy. Dimming by 25%, for example, saves about 20% energy—and bulbs last longer, too. Dim more and you’ll save even more (Lutron).”

It is cost-effective

Dimmable fixtures and switches can be added in retrofit applications so you don’t need a whole remodel or new construction build to integrate dimmable lighting. Additionally, some fixtures can become dimmable if the bulbs are changed and the switch is upgraded. We recommend consulting an electrician before making any changes to ensure that your switch, fixture, bulbs and wiring are all compatible.

It is smart

Adding a smart dimming switch allows you to take the versatility and efficiency even further. In addition to all the benefits of dimming you get the added benefits that a smart switch offers. You can set your lights to an automatic timer where your outdoor lights go on to 50% at sunset and turn off at any point you’d like during the night. You can create custom scenes where you set all your lights to a predetermined level and turn them all on/off with one button. You can ensure you never leave lights on when you don’t want to with an all off button that controls your entire house. You can also control lights from anywhere via your smart device allowing you the most control and the most options. Make your lights work for you!

If you have any questions or comments, contact Sasha at sasha@inthelitellc.com. As always, we hope we’ve made your day brighter!

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