Creative ways to incorporate light

We think lighting is pretty awesome! And one of the things we love to do is incorporate unique and purposeful lighting elements into a project. Here are a few creative lighting features to add some practicality and pizazz to your home.


No, outlets aren’t only for plugging in your appliances and vacuum cleaner. They can also be nightlights. One of our personal favorites is the outlet that only lights up when it is dark or you get close to it. This type of outlet then becomes a small nightlight. Or use it to light a path from your bedroom to the kitchen or bathroom. Then anytime you get up at night, you can walk from room to room without ever needing to turn on a light.

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Undercabinet Lighting

We talk about this often because this is without a doubt one of the lighting elements we recommend the most for a variety of uses. Undercabinet lighting can be used to light up workspaces like kitchen countertops, they can be used as a nightlight or accent feature such as toe kick lighting or above cabinet lighting, or they can be used to highlight beams, staircases, or bookshelves (we’ve installed them for all of these uses). And by putting them on a dimmer, you increase the ways in which you can utilize them.


Lighted mirrors are very popular in bathrooms because the light can go all the way around the mirror giving you the optimal light for putting on your makeup, shaving, or any other day-to-day routines. And in addition to the lighted element, there are smart mirrors that have additional features including colored lights, televisions, and music.


EverLights are permanent Christmas lights installed outside your home. They are beautiful lights when turned on and almost disappear when they are not. Not only are they Christmas lights but they can be used for any holiday or other celebration because you can have pretty much any color combination you can dream up. Not to mention they can all be white lights for beautiful year-round landscape lighting.

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