Smart ideas for a cozy winter

Happy winter! Well, it’s not officially winter but here in Wisconsin we don’t exactly tend to wait until December 21st to kick off the cold and snow. So as the temperature drops, here are some ideas to help stay warm and cozy through these winter months.


Have you started to put up your Christmas decorations yet? If you like the decorations but not the set-up you should consider EverLights. They are permeant holiday lighting for any occasion…Christmas, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, birthday parties, or have them on white for a year-round clean look. They can be pretty much any color or pattern you dream up and they are controlled via your smart device.

Smart Smoke Detectors

Did you change the batteries in your smoke alarms and test them this past daylight savings weekend? Studies show that 9 out of 10 people don’t. It is proven that smoke detectors save lives but despite them being essential most people tend to forget they are there. If you want to make sure your smoke alarms are always ready, have smart smoke detectors installed. They work the same as a regular smoke/CO detector with the added benefit of testing themselves daily and letting you know when the batteries need to be changed. They will also let you know when smoke vs. fire is detected, give you yellow or red alerts, and you can monitor your house even when you are away.

Automated Lighting

Winter means it gets dark so early. Most of us are coming home from work or school in the dark and this makes lighting even more essential. Automated lighting allows you to control your interior and exterior lights from anywhere including having your lights turn on when you get close to home so you never come home to a dark house. You can also set scenes for entertaining guests and have an all off button so lights don’t get left on all night long (if you don’t want them to).


Do you do a lot of your holiday shopping online? If so, you probably have quite a few packages being delivered. Security cameras (or a video doorbell) can keep an eye on your property, home, and packages. And if you are headed out of town to visit family and friends, you can always keep an eye on things back home.

Automated Shades

As temperatures drop, you may be looking for ways to keep your home warm without running your furnace constantly. Having some type of insulating shade really helps, especially if you have large windows. Automated shades can be set on a schedule where they open automatically in the morning to let the sun in and go down at sunset to keep your house warm and cozy. Or control them from a keypad, remote, or smart device.

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