The benefits of solar energy for your home

The benefits of solar panels for industrial and commercial uses have been seen for a long time. But have you ever considered the benefits of adding solar panels to your home? If you own your home, adding solar panels to either your rooftop or as a ground mount (if you have the land available) has many advantages. We’ve compiled a list of a few of these benefits here.

Increasing the value of your home

Homes with solar energy systems adds an average of $30,000 to the value of the home and is a feature that allows homes to sell quicker than comparable homes that count on 100% power from the grid.

Sustain the environment

Buildings with traditional electricity are responsible for 38% of all carbon emissions in the U.S. A typical solar system eliminates 3-4 tons of carbon emissions each year.

Achieve energy independence

Homeowners who rely on traditional power from the utility company have no choice other than to pay whatever they choose to charge. Creating your own power with a solar energy system releases homeowners from that reliance to where you are no longer stuck paying ever-increasing utility rates.

Creating jobs and helping the local economy

The solar industry accounts for 2% of all new jobs created throughout the country. Solar jobs are increasing 20% each year accounting for almost $100 billion to the US Gross Domestic Product.

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*These benefits were taken from the Green Home Systems website. In The Lite Electric is a Green Home Systems Ambassador.

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