National Electrical Safety Month 2022: Energy Resilience

National Electrical Safety Month was started to bring awareness to the potential dangers of electricity and to reduce the number of electrically related fires, fatalities, injuries, and property loss. The theme of this year’s campaign is, “Energy Resilience.” Energy resilience is all about how new technology can make homes and businesses safer, efficient and more resilient. In this post, we are going to look at some of these technologies.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are one form of renewable energy. We often think of large solar fields in the middle of nowhere but solar panels are becoming increasingly popular for commercial and residential use. Solar panels can be installed on your roof or on the ground and is one way to become more energy-efficient and also more energy independent. You have the ability to sell power back to the grid and either get money or a reduction off your electric bill. Overall, it’s a great investment!

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are becoming very popular. They usually cost less to operate and with the increasing costs of fuel and vehicle maintenance, their appeal is only increasing. If you are thinking of getting one, keep in mind that they do require a specific outlet that should be installed by a licensed electrician.

Smart Home Systems

There are so many ways that smart home technology can increase electrical safety, energy efficiency and overall energy resilience. A smart thermostat allows to you always keep an eye on your home’s temperature, set schedules and avoid wasting money or energy. Smart smoke detectors will alert you if they detect smoke or carbon monoxide whether you are at home or away. Smart electrical panels allow you to monitor the energy each appliance or electrical item in your home produces as well as see if a breaker has tripped or where there is an issue. These are only 3 of many examples but the safety and efficiency that smart home technology provides can’t be overstated.

LED Bulbs

If you haven’t made the switch to LED bulbs, now is the time. Not only do they last longer than traditional bulbs and are better for the environment but they are also safer as they do not get hot to the touch. If you would like more details about all the benefits of LED bulbs as well as more information about what they are, read one of our previous blog posts, “The not too technical guide to LED lighting.”

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