The smart way to customize your home’s lighting

Lighting is a pivotal element in your home. You have probably heard that lighting can make or break a space and that is absolutely true. Lighting is more than just the fixture but also the color, brightness and ambiance of your home. In order to maximize your lighting, it is best that you can change and customize your lights to fit your daily routines. Just as sunlight changes in intensity and direction as the day progresses, so the lighting in your home should change also. Your lights should be able to do more than just turn on and off. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by adding a customized, whole-home lighting system.

What is a lighting system?

A single-room or whole-home smart lighting system replaces your regular light switches with smart switches. One switch controls either an entire bank of lights or one fixture (depending on what the switch is wired to control) and you can also customize keypads to control multiple lights with the touch of a single button. This can be done in either new construction or retrofit applications and your lighting can be controlled normally via the switch or keypad and also by a smart device.

What are the main features?

You can set scenes and turn on and off multiple lights with one button. For example, you can have a “welcome” button by your front door. When you press it, you can light up a path into your kitchen so you can unload your groceries. Or create an “all off” button where once pressed you know that every light in your home is off.

Your lights can become dimmable. You can set scenes where lights only turn on to 10% (nightlight), or 50% (entertaining), or full brightness (cleaning).

You can control your lights with voice commands via your Alexa or Google assistant.

Your landscape lights can turn on and off via an astronomical timer, which will automatically adjust for the difference in sunrise and sunset each day as well as account for daylight savings.

There are many security features including geofencing, the ability to turn lights on and off from your car, schedule your lights to randomly mimic someone being home when you are away, and the ability to check on your home anytime from anywhere.

Unlike smart bulbs, a lighting system is considered a permanent, integrated part of your home. This can increase your home’s resale value and a lighting system is one of the top requested smart home features buyers are looking for in a new home.

Where do I start?

Since each home is unique, we would love the opportunity to discuss your individual project. For more information, please call 715-539-3220 or email

How can we make your home smarter?

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