Electrical tips to help sell your home faster

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, the thought of going through the entire process may seem daunting. And the last thing you want is to make the process any more complicated by having a buyer walk away due to a bad inspection report or having the house sit on the market for a long time with no offer. Here are some electrical tips to help you hang that sold sign faster.

Fix any electrical safety issues

Most potential buyers will request an inspection and one of the main components looked at during that inspection is the electrical wiring and panel. Do all your outlets work? Are your outlets GFCI and Tamper Resistant where required by code? Are your smoke alarms working and installed in the correct locations? Is your wiring knob and tube? Is your panel too small? These are just a few electrical code violations that would be flagged on an inspection report as a safety hazard and it is better to get those taken care of in advance. Electrical issues are listed as one of the top reasons a potential buyer walks away from a home. Don’t let it be the reason they walk away from yours!

Cosmetic upgrades

Potential buyers should understand that cosmetic changes are easy to fix. But some aren’t interested in doing anything extra to the house or can’t envision the space if everything is “dated.” If you have outdated light fixtures or old, broken or cracked outlets, those are items that can be replaced and will give the space an updated modern feel.

Think smart

There have been many studies that show how smart home technology is changing real estate. In fact, when I sold my home a year ago, we received an entire sheet from our realtor about how smart home technology is helping to sell homes faster and increase home values. Some of the most popular products for resale value include smart thermostats, smoke detectors, a security system and a whole-home lighting system.

Consider a standby generator

If you are considering selling your home, we are not suggesting you purchase one simply for the sake of resale value. However, if you are already in the market for a standby generator, you should note that they do add value to your home. Estimates indicate that they increase your home’s value by more than 50% of the purchase price of the generator. In addition, some home insurance policies offer a discount if you have a standby generator with an automatic transfer switch. Plus, an already installed generator can be attractive to potential buyers.

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  1. I agree that making sure that things like outlets and smoke detectors are all working properly before you sell your house. My family and I are thinking about moving sometime next year, and I would want to make sure that the house is in a state that will pass an inspection with flying colors. I should take a look into getting an electrician to make sure all that stuff works when we get a bit closer to the moving date.

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