Lighting trends for the new decade

Welcome to 2020! A new year and a new decade is the perfect time to look ahead, set goals and make plans for the future. If one of those goals is building or remodeling your home, here are some lighting trends that you may want to include in your upcoming project.

Geometric and lighting shapes

Bigger and bolder chandeliers and fixtures are what’s on trend for 2020. Essential shapes such as circles and squares will be popular but you could also go beyond basic shapes. This type of look is modern, sleek and sculptural and allows the lighting fixture to become the centerpiece of your room. The idea is that the lighting fixture will become just as much a piece of art as any that hangs on your wall and it will look beautiful even when the light is turned off.

A resurgence of sconces

Sconces may sound like a dated term but they have been making a comeback. Sconces are perfect for putting light exactly where you want it. They can illuminate artwork or a gallery wall or they can provide great accent lighting in a bedroom. And some sconces can swivel, extend or pivot making them practical and versatile.

New materials

There seems to be a move away from metal fixtures. Instead, natural materials, such as wood, burlap and basket weaves, are trending due to a focus on incorporating nature in design and their environmental friendliness.

Recessed lighting

Although 2020 trends suggest a change to bigger and bolder chandeliers and statement lighting fixtures, it looks like recessed lighting is still here to stay. The sleek look of recessed lighting remains a favorite because of its simplicity and superior illumination. Recessed lighting easily fits in with any style or design trend and can nicely compliment bigger and bolder lighting fixtures. Deciding to use recessed lighting as a staple allows you to add more trendy fixtures, which can then be changed out when a new trend surfaces or when you want to update or change your look, but the recessed lighting can be there to stay.

Smart lighting

The smart home market really took off in the previous decade. And trends indicate that this will only increase heading into 2020. Smart thermostats and door bells have especially gained popularity but trends indicate that smart lighting will also sit among the top desired smart home items. Forecasts show that not only will homeowners want automated lighting for security and convenience reasons but that it will become a factor when selling your home. Trends suggest that smart home devices, including lighting, will become as desirable as an open floor plan or granite countertops. With forecasts indicating that smart home devices will continue to gain popularity long beyond 2020, it is looking like smart devices will become less of a passing trend and more of a fixed staple.

Trends come and go and when building or remodeling your home, you may be wary of going with too many trends for fear they will be obsolete in 5 or 10 years. It is important to balance trends with classics and if you would like to add some more trendy light fixtures, choose ones that can easily be changed out if you ever want to do so.

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