New Year’s Resolutions: Electrical Edition

Can you believe January is over? How are you doing with your new year’s resolutions? The most common resolutions tend to revolve around self-improvement but what about home improvement goals? We often don’t think of home projects starting until spring or summer but it’s not a bad idea to get a jump start on the planning, especially if you will need to hire an outside contractor. Usually, everyone is looking to hire a contractor come spring or summer and if you wait until then to contact someone, they may be booked.

So as you’re making a list of home improvement projects to tackle in the coming months, don’t forget about your electrical system.

Smoke Alarms

It is recommended that you completely replace your smoke alarms every 10 years. However, most people don’t. This is something that shouldn’t be overlooked considering that 2/3 of all fire deaths occur in homes with missing or non-functioning smoke alarms. If this is a project that hasn’t been on your list in a while, it should be a priority this year.

Outlet Overhaul

Do you have GFCI outlets installed where they should be? How about tamper resistant receptacles? The National Electrical Code now requires GFCI and TRR outlets in certain locations but if you have an older home you may not have them. If you are unsure if your outlets are up to code or if you just need additional outlets installed throughout your home, contact an electrician today and get on their schedule.

New Light Fixtures

One of the easiest ways to update the look of your home is to replace your existing light fixtures. Replacing old and outdated fixtures with more modern ones can instantly transform a space and update the overall look of your home. The best part is that if you are replacing an existing fixture the wires needed for the new fixture are already in place (assuming the first fixture was wired correctly) so the electrician shouldn’t have to run any new wires.


And while you are updating your light fixtures, you may also want to add some dimmers. Dimmers are a simple way to add value and create a more inviting and efficient space. You will want to make sure that whatever light you are trying to dim is compatible with the dimmer you are installing and/or the light bulbs. If you are having an electrician install the fixtures and dimmers, they will be able to help you with that.

Overall System Upgrade

Maybe this is the year that you tackle a little bit bigger project. If your electrical system hasn’t been inspected by a licensed electrician since you built your home or if you’ve moved into a house that is over 30 years old, this might be the year you want to schedule an inspection. It may be that everything is fine but if something needs repair or isn’t up to code, it is better to be proactive and fix it before there is a bigger problem. Although this may not seem like the most exciting home project, it will most likely end up costing less to proactively fix something than to have to reactively repair something.

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